Improving accessibility to food aid research

REFINE - Research Engagement on Food Interventions for Nutritional Effectiveness - is a knowledge-sharing mechanism that aims to improve food aid interventions

Since the global food crisis of 2008, nutrition has gained prominence in the global development agenda. Many countries face a serious public health challenge from undernutrition -  at last estimates, 24% of all children under 5 are stunted and 8% are wasted. The economic losses from low weight, poor child growth, and micronutrient deficiencies amount to 11% of lost GDP in Africa and Asia each year.

Organizations around the world are trying to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable populations by providing food aid. However, we currently lack evidence on which foods to use and how to deliver them where improvements in nutrition are a defined goal. REFINE supports consensus-building on such topics by collecting ongoing studies and published evidence, and defining what we know and where knowledge gaps still exist. 

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Recognition well-deserved
1 day 7 hours ago
Study in explores impact of indigenously prepared on catch up growth & recovery rate of patients:
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& supplements likely equivalently effective in improving at-risk 5-10y children's nutrition outcomes in a LMIC
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Trial in finds locally produced more effective than home-prepared foods in treating uncomplicated :