Cash for Improved Nutrition in Somalia

Study Population Size: 1700
Primary Investigator(s): Andrew Seal

Efficacy of a Nutrition Biscuit in Malnutrition Management

Research Gaps: Efficacy
Study Population Size: 80
Primary Investigator(s):

Effects of Oral Nutrition Supplements in Children With Disease Associated Underweight (MIntS)

Research Gaps: Effectiveness
Study Population Size: 224
Primary Investigator(s): Dr. Michael Chourdakis, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki


Zinc-MNP Trial for Prevention of Diarrhea and Promotion of Linear Growth

Research Gaps: Effectiveness
Study Population Size: 2886
Primary Investigator(s): Dr. Robert Black, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Protein Plus: Improving Infant Growth Through Diet and Enteric Health (JiVitA-6)

Research Gaps: Effectiveness
Study Population Size: 3180
Primary Investigator(s): Amanda C Palmer, Md Iqbal Hossain

The effect of prenatal food supplementation on child growth in northern Bangladesh

Research Gaps: Acceptability, Innovation
Study Population Size: 330
Primary Investigator(s): Briony Stevens

Benefits and Risks of Iron interventionS in Children (BRISC): a randomized controlled trial in Bangladesh

Research Gaps: Effectiveness, Efficacy
Study Population Size: 3300
Primary Investigator(s): Beverley-Ann Biggs
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