Dharavi nutrition project

Primary Investigator

  • Alka Jadhav

Study Period

July 2016 - January 2018

Study Description

A Prospective randomized controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of indigenously made fortified complementary food in children with Moderate Acute Malnutrition

Study Arms

  • Intervention: Indigenously prepared fortified complementary food products were given based on the age group
  • Comparator: Micronutrient-fortified take-home ration

Primary Outcomes

  • Improvements in weight, height and MUAC in intervention group as compared to the control group and consequent shift/transition of children from MAM to Normal category

Study Interventions

  • Standard Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements (LNS)
  • Standard Fortified Food Blends
  • Micronutrient powders (MNP)

Research Gaps

  • Composition

    Which ingredients offer the best prevention or treatment for undernutrition?

  • Effectiveness

    How well do different food compositions and interventions prevent or treat undernutrition, when implemented "on the ground"?

  • Innovation

    What novel food-based products and programming methods effectively prevent and treat undernutrition?

Study Population