Efficacy of a Nutrition Biscuit in Malnutrition Management

Study Description

The health risks and costs associated with malnutrition can be significantly reduced if symptoms are recognized early and treated effectively. Oral nutritional supplements (ONS) have been shown to increase nutrient intakes and maintain or improve nutritional status and functional outcomes in patients in a variety of settings. However despite this it is frequently reported that compliance to ONS, which are often milk based drinks, is poor. The aim of the present study is to assess the effectiveness of a new biscuit style nutritional supplement in the management of malnutrition.

The study is a randomized controlled eight-week intervention study. Suitable participants currently being prescribed ONS and who meet the study inclusion and exclusion criteria, will be identified by either staff in care facilities, Registered Dietitians or by General Practitioner (GP) surgeries. Participants (n=80) will be stratified based on BMI and gender and randomly assigned to either the biscuit ONS group (n=40) or to remain on their existing ONS prescribed as part of their standard care practice (n=40). Changes in anthropometry, functional status, nutritional intake and appetite, general health, gastrointestinal symptoms and biochemistry (correction of nutritional deficiency), as well as compliance and acceptability of ONS will be assessed between week 0 and week 8. Participants will also be visited mid-intervention (week 4) to ensure well-being and assess compliance.

This work is funded by Calerrific Ltd. and seeks to determine if the new biscuit style nutritional supplement could be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, existing ONS to improve compliance and aid the recovery of malnourished patients.

Study Arms

  • Experimental: Biscuit style oral nutritional supplement treatment.
  • No Intervention: Standard Care. Participants will remain on their current oral nutritional supplement.

Primary Outcomes

  • Weight change [ Time Frame: 8 weeks from baseline ]

Study Intervention

  • Standard Fortified Food Blends

Research Gaps

  • Efficacy

    How well do different food compositions and interventions prevent or treat undernutrition, when implemented in a completely controlled environment?

Study Population