Food Supplement Treatment for Wasting Children in Indonesia

Primary Investigator

  • Dr. Muchtaruddin Mansyur, Seameo Regional Center For Food And Nutrition

Study Period

October 2017 - November 2018

Study Description

Assessing program efficacy of under five food supplementation (PMT Biscuits) is needed after the first 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, children were introduced to liquid and semi-solid food. In this phase of food introduction, children ability to accept food supplementation program was still questionable and the efficacy needs to be assessed.

Another aspect that needed to be evaluated is assessing the efficacy of food supplementation to improve the nutritional status of wasting children in multiple cities to describe Indonesian geographical and socio-economic diversity (multi center studies). PMT biscuits supplementation intervention is accompanied by educational modules on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) in order to improve caregiver's knowledge and skills in providing economically affordable and nutritious food for their children. PMT biscuits supplementation evaluation will be assessed at 9 months observations (3 months intervals). The observation will be conducted every month up until the first 3 months then the observation will be continued in 6th and 9th months of observation.

Study Arms

  • No Intervention: Control group The first arm as a control group obtaining only routine IYCF consultation by the posyandu (integrated health service post) cadres and without the provision of biscuits.
  • Active Comparator: National portion & IYCF counseling The second arm as the national portion & IYCF counseling group to get biscuit with standardized portion as recommended by Ministry of Health and also given the IYCF counseling.
  • Experimental: Adjusted portion & local food counseling the third arm as the adjusted portion & local food counseling group receiving biscuit with adjustment in portion and IYCF Counseling that emphasize the optimization of local food.

Primary Outcomes

  • Nutritional status of wasting children [ Time Frame: Through study completion, an average of 1 year. Measurement on changes in nutritional status from baseline and at third, sixth, & ninth months ]
  • PMT biscuits compliance.

Study Interventions

  • Standard Fortified Food Blends
  • Locally produced

Research Gaps

  • Efficacy

    How well do different food compositions and interventions prevent or treat undernutrition, when implemented in a completely controlled environment?

Study Population