Promoting physical growth and positive development in severely stunted Guatemalan children

Primary Investigator

  • Peter Rohloff

Study Period

August 2015 - October 2016

Study Description

This study seeks to evaluate the impact of an intensive home-based education intervention targeting severely stunted Guatemalan children for catch up growth and improved development. Half of the children in the study will receive standard of care, which includes micronutrient supplementation and a food ration. The other half of children in the study will receive, in addition to the above, home-based dietary assessment and individualized parental nutrition education.

Study Arms

  • Active Comparator: Standard of Care Arm - In this arm enrolled children will receive the national standard of care for growth support, which includes growth monitoring, a food ration, and a multiple micronutrient powder supplement.
  • Experimental: Home-based Education - In the intervention arm children will receive the national standard of care for growth support. they will receive monthly home visits from a community health promoter who will provide dietary assessments and coaching.

Primary Outcomes

  • Height/length for age Z score

Study Interventions

  • Behavior change communication (BCC)
  • Micronutrient powders (MNP)

Research Gaps

  • Innovation

    What novel food-based products and programming methods effectively prevent and treat undernutrition?

Study Population